Hola Launcher for Android is an application personalization and powerful small. This app will give Android a new beauty, with super lightweight interface, stable and smooth. Hola Launcher app for Android app is currently hot with 50 million downloads.

Features of Hola Launcher

Download Hola Launcher Application Launcher is a powerful and convenient, reliable. It provides the basic features of an Android interface. Users will have the most exquisite experience, perfect rhythm soon reach iOS and make everyone jealous of you.

According to the developer's test, Hola Launcher uses 40% less memory capacity than even the enemy interface, more than 20% compared with the CM Launcher, Apus Launcher, Launcher Zero ... helps save resources and capacity PIN for the phone.

Hola Launcher quite light, but only bring strength than 1MB par with other Launcher application. Hola Launcher is easy to use and install.
Turn the flashlight fast, you just need to swipe from the left corner or the lower right corner to quickly access the applications that you frequently use and frequently used settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlight, etc. ...

- Search app by swiping down the screen to quickly find apps, contacts or web page.

- Hide the app, swipe with two fingers to hide or access the applications you do not want displayed on the screen.

- Free up memory (RAM) and speed up your phone with one touch.

- Download, install and enjoy the wallpaper and the wallpaper Free high quality regularly updated every Friday!

- No longer miss important messages from friends and family for advice on the icon on the main screen, Calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Gmail and any other application with all the standard features newspaper.

- Just double-tap the screen to unlock the phone screen without resorting to the power button.

- Handy to view weather information for the next 6 days.

- Set Facebook, Twitter and other applications you use the most on the default home screen to launch faster.

- Smart Folders - Helps you always sort applications.

- Discover a high quality application every day without tiring search in the App Store!

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